Home Schooling 

Being homeschooled is probably one of the best things to ever happen to me. The school I used to go to had wonderful facilities, such as: a gym, a large sports hall and tennis and basketball courts. However many of the teachers would overload me with work. Sometimes when I could not understand how something was done they told me to ‘just try’. When not understanding the method I can not try. As the Great Master Yoda said ‘Do or do not, there is no try’ but due to not having good teachers my alternative was unfortunately to have to ‘do not’. 

Each week, homework was definitely not lacking. The stress from this and my peers made me begin to get ill- often having chest pains which made it hard to breathe. Many times my homework was not checked by my teachers and so my 3 hour efforts, my literal tears from my fear of failure and my not being able to understand the task no matter how hard I tried and the chest pains- were for nothing. 

Now though, my day is relaxed. If I can’t understand something I can do research on how it is done, watch YouTube videos on how the method is done.  Now obviously in class you are taught the method, but in a class where there are many troublemakers, more parts to the lesson that need to be done in a certain amount of time, teachers tend to get inpatient and instead decide to move onto the next topic. I have only had two chest pains since i left school. This is two chest pains in 4 months when I used to have est.1 a week. I am healthier, physically and emotionally and most importantly I am happier.


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